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Build Your Personalized Resource and Commodities Investment Plan

Join us July 23-27 as our team of top
industry insiders and experts work with you
side-by-side to create a foolproof plan for navigating
the lucrative world of resource investing

“The Commodities Boom Will Continue in 2023”
– Bloomberg

“Commodities are definitely one of the hottest and most exciting asset classes to watch in 2023.”
– FXStreet

“We predict commodities will be the best-performing asset class in 2023.”
– Goldman Sachs

Dear Friends,

We are excited to announce that by popular demand, we’ll be returning to the iconic Boca Raton resort in Boca Raton, Florida this July 23-27 for our highly anticipated Rule Symposium on Natural Resource Investing…

And we’ll pull out all the stops to ensure you’re ready to take full advantage of the current resources and commodities market.

About your host, Rick Rule, and his company, Rule Investment Media.

Rick Rule is a highly experienced investor and speculator who began his career in the securities business in 1974 and has been principally involved in natural resource security investments ever since.

He has structured, led, and participated in hundreds of privately placed debt and equity issuances for resource companies operating globally.

Rule Investment Media strives to produce the highest quality and most reliable market news and commentary in the natural resources sector. The goal: to connect scarce knowledge with the people who seek it and inspire intelligent investing decisions with insightful analysis and thought-provoking interviews.

So, if you’re serious about  making the most of what many experts are predicting will be one of the hottest – and most exciting – asset classes to watch in 2023…

It’s imperative you reserve your spot right away.

You see…

It’s no secret that the current bout of inflation we’re facing has already defied expectations many times.

What was first labeled a “transitory” rate of price increases has proved instead to be persistent.

And few investments have provided much help to investors trying to beat this vicious cycle.

Major stock and bond indexes fell significantly in 2022.

Cash offers little hope of keeping up with rising prices.

Even usual inflation hedges like real estate investment trusts (REITs) and Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities have struggled to hold their ground.

Yet, commodities have been an ongoing bright spot for smart investors who have followed our advice.

That momentum is expected to continue into 2023.

Bloomberg recently predicted, “The commodities boom will continue into 2023.”

Goldman Sachs announced they believe, “Commodities will be the best-performing asset class of 2023.”

And the insiders at FXStreet recently reported, Commodities are definitely one of the hottest and most exciting asset classes to watch in 2023.”

That’s why we’re urging you to join us this July for the Rule Symposium.

As the nation’s premier annual event on resource and commodities investing, we’ve built an unparalleled reputation for delivering the most profitable insights in this sector – year after year.

And now, we’re taking it to an entirely new level…

By giving you the opportunity to work side-by-side with our panel of industry insiders and experts to develop a foolproof plan for navigating this lucrative sector.

That means not only will you have the chance to participate in our large group sessions, where our speakers will reveal dozens of mind-blowing opportunities available in the commodities and resource sectors this year…

But you’ll also have the chance to dive even deeper…

And participate in more than a dozen small group workshops… mingle one-on-one in our exhibitor hall with executives of some of the top resource and mining companies in the world…

The works.

You’ll even have a chance to join us on an exclusive, private dinner cruise.

This experience will far surpass that of any investment event you may have attended in the past.

You DO NOT want to miss this.

A Tradition of Excellence

As the industry’s most regarded event for more than 20 years, the Rule Symposium focuses on connecting attendees with the top resource experts – and opportunities – in the world.

That’s what we do best.

And we believe that maintaining this unwavering focus on resources and commodities – rather than jumping around from trend to trend – is what makes our event stand out year after year.

Consider this…

2022 was the second consecutive year that saw a total of 27 commodities ranging from metals, energy and agriculture tallying up astronomical double- and triple-digit gains…

Outperforming every other asset class!

So, while the markets are undeniably cyclical…

Maintaining our discipline and focus has certainly paid off… especially in recent years.

And with that bullish momentum expected to spill into 2023, joining us at this closed-door gathering is a no-brainer.

Over four jam-packed days, we guarantee you’ll find endless opportunities for enriching your portfolio, including the chance to…

  • Attend exciting presentations from some of the most respected leaders in the resource industry
  • Hear about the most exciting under-the-radar commodities opportunities during our on-demand workshops and panel sessions
  • Participate in our first-ever Bullion Focus Group – designed to give you a behind-the-scenes look at this up-and-coming sector
  • Discover fresh insights, strategies, and actionable recommendations on how to profit from the ongoing commodities rally
  • Join us for exclusive yacht parties, receptions, and more – ensuring you have as much time as possible to mingle with our experts and pick their brains…

And much more!

All things considered, there’s no doubt in our minds that this is going to be one of our most successful events to date…

And that’s not only due to the fact that we are in the midst of what could be the most epic commodities rally in history…

But also, because many of the most distinguished resource and commodities experts on the planet have agreed to join us for this event.

Introducing a Star-Studded
Panel of Industry Experts

In fact, our attendees tell us every year that the biggest benefit of this Symposium is that it connects them to the world’s smartest minds in finance, investment research, and natural resources.

“I felt like a kid in a candy store when I finally met some of the speakers which I have followed for years. What a treat!! Thanks!!”

Each presenter and exhibitor is thoughtfully handpicked and vetted by Rick Rule and the Rule Symposium team.

And it takes more than a pulse and a check that cashes to join our roster, too.

In fact, for those looking for the best opportunities, we’ve done 90% of the work for you by eliminating hundreds of companies and managers who apply to present, but don’t qualify!

That means only the cream of the crop get through…

More specifically, the most serially successful executives in the mining, exploration, and royalty streaming businesses have built multi-billion-dollar mining companies from scratch.

We call them the industry’s Living Legends…

And they include people like…

Robert Friedland

Founder and executive chairman of Ivanhoe Mines Ltd. and executive chairman of Ivanhoe Electric, who is also commonly referred to as “the undisputed king of junior development.” He was recently quoted saying that “the industrial revolution starts in 2023 and it’s set to build for the rest of the decade.” That’s why, in addition to joining us as a living legend – we’ve also asked Robert Friedland to join us as a keynote speaker. You’ll want to pay close attention to what he has to say at this year’s event.

Robert Quartermain

Dr. Quartermain has spent 40 years in the resource industry from exploration through project development and mining, with a focus on precious metals. He’s worked in 18 countries during his career and has won numerous awards including some of the highest in the industry – notably MABC’s Mining Person of the Year (2017), CIM’s A.O. Dufresne Award (2016) and Vale Inco Medal ((2010), PDAC’s Bill Dennis Award (2013), AME BC’s Murray Pezim Award (2009) and an Honorary DSc from UNB (2009).

Sean Roosen

Chair of the board of directors and CEO of Osisko Gold Royalties, famous for bringing the $1 billion Canadian Malartic mine into production. He has over 30 years of progressive experience in the mining industry and has also received numerous awards for his work in this space, including an award from Mines and Money Americas for best Chief Executive Officer in North America and the honor of “Top 20 Most Influential Individuals in Global Mining”.

These legends know exactly what it takes to go from a penny stock to a $10 stock or more…

And there’s no better team to show you how you can pinpoint these types of huge potential winners for yourself.

“The Legends were SPECTACULAR!
Huge insights. Lots of kindred spirits.”

You’ll also have the chance to gain actionable insights from our expert panel of keynote speakers and other world-class guests including…

  • Editor of Strategic Intelligence and best-selling author Jim Rickards
  • Founder of Agora Inc. and Bonner Private Research William Bonner
  • Publisher of Bonner Private Research Dan Denning
  • Distinguished political and financial expert, journalist and author Nomi Prins
  • Editor & Publisher of Gold Newsletter Brien Lundin
  • Co-Founder of Real Vision Group Grant Williams
  • Co-Founder of Rule Classroom Albert Lu
  • Founder & CEO of Louis James LLC and Publisher of Independent Speculator Lobo Tiggre
  • Chairman & CEO of Adrian Day Asset Management Adrian Day
  • Lead editor and analyst for True WealthTrue Wealth Systems, True Wealth Real Estate, and DailyWealthBrett Eversole
  • Editor of Stansberry Investor Hour, Extreme Value, The Ferris ReportDan Ferris
  • Precious metals expert at Agora Financial and author of the Whiskey & Gunpowder Report, Byron King

And several more.

On top of that, when you join us in person for the Rule Symposium on Natural Resource Investing, you’ll get the opportunity to connect with the leaders from many of the world’s most influential resource companies.

They include…

  • Frank Trotter, Battle Bank
  • Andy Schectman, Miles Franklin Ltd.
  • Alexandra Woodyer Sherron, Empress Royalty Corp.
  • Craig Parry and Michael Konnert, Inventa Capital Group
  • Rudi Fronk, Seabridge Gold
  • Christian Easterday, Hot Chili Limited
  • Rick Checkan, Asset Strategies International
  • Amir Adnani, Scott Melbye, David Garofalo, and Alastair Still, Gold Mining Inc.
  • Keith Neumeyer, First Majestic Silver Corp.
  • Sandeep Singh, Osisko Gold Royalties
  • Bruce Smith, Simon Ridgeway, and Kerem Usenme, Gold Group Management
  • Darwin Green, High Gold Mining

And many more!

For a full list of our speakers and exhibitors, click here.

Friends, we can’t stress this enough…

It would be impossible to gain access to this caliber of speakers anywhere else. In fact, many of these speakers rarely participate in financial or resource conferences.

Can’t join us in person but still want access to our top insights on how to play the resource sector for maximum gains? See details below on how you can join us live, on-demand and watch all of our can’t-miss presentations through December 31, 2023!

But when you attend the Rule Symposium on Natural Resource Investing, you’ll be amongst a select group of individuals that gets to hear this elite team share their success stories… candid insights… and recommendations for profiting through the current commodities rally.

Here’s everything you need to know about how you can join us in person for this event… followed by details on how you can secure virtual access, too!

A Luxurious Five-Star Beachside Escape

As always, we’ve chosen a beautiful destination – and resort – to host you for this unrivaled event…

By popular demand, we’ll be returning to the iconic Boca Raton resort in Boca Raton, Florida for this year’s Rule Symposium.

Surrounded by storied history and grand architecture, the extraordinary Boca Raton resort was completely renovated recently into a luxurious oasis that will not disappoint…

And even more wonderful amenities and surprises have been added to this five-star resort since our last event.

We suggest you take full advantage of everything the resort has to offer…

  • Mingle with like-minded friends andour team of experts at any of the resort’s collection of unique signature restaurants and bars highlighting some of Florida’s most talented chefs and concepts.
  • When a moment of relaxation and repose is needed, the award-winning Spa Palmera will be ready to welcome you and renew your spirits. Retreat from the demands of daily life and enjoy a massage, facial, or specialty service in this tranquil sanctuary.
  • Invigorate your body and mind at the resort’s state-of-the-art beachside fitness club – featuring advanced training systems, group classes, and sweeping ocean views. After your workout, you can also refresh in the facility’s rejuvenating locker rooms, dip into the waves, or lounge at the Beach Club.
  • Revel in an indoor and outdoor oasis complete with a private golden beach… tennis courts… two pool clubs… retail boutiques… a children’s and teen’s club – all reserved for guests only.
  • Tee up some competition and enjoy a round – or a few – on the resort’s championship-level golf course. Located on the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary, golfing at The Boca Raton offers stunning natural views and premier play in the balmy, beachside air.

You can enjoy all of this – and more – when you join us July 23-27 for the Rule Symposium…

And best of all, you can do so while taking advantage of our substantial discount of more than 50% off the retail rate on your stay – available three days before and three days after our event (based on availability).

This is a perfect chance for you and your loved ones to turn this moneymaking event into a family retreat!

Hotel Rates

  • The Towerstarting at $300 per night plus taxes and fees. (includes exclusive registration desk, butler service, and continental breakfast option)

Please note: The cutoff date for our discounted group block is July 5, 2023. Reservations made after this date can be accepted on a space-and rate-available basis only.

And our room block always sells out quickly. So, it’s essential that you reserve your room as soon as possible. 

Now, let me give you a closer look at the event details and everything that’s included when you register today…

Here’s What’s Included with Your Registration to the Rule Symposium on Natural Resource Investing

  • Access to Four-Plus Days of Top-Rated Speakers: Each day will be full of analysis and recommendations, all designed to help you profit from the ongoing bull run in commodities. You’ll have an all-access pass to every presentation in both the General Sessions and the highly sought-after, more intimate breakout sessions.
  • Admission to Each of Our Popular Panel Discussions: Enjoy hearing leading industry experts discuss and debate some of the most promising opportunities in the gold and resource markets.
  • Entrance to the Exhibition Hall: Every year, attendees tell us that our exhibitors offer just as much value to the event as our speakers. So we encourage you to visit our exhibit hall and allow these experts to help you customize a resource investment plan that works for you.
  • An Evening Cocktail Reception: This is an exciting opportunity for you to socialize with the world’s top resource investment and economic experts, as well as like-minded friends.
  • Daily Continental Breakfast: With our fast-paced lineup, you’ll need a healthy start to fuel your mind. That’s why we provide you with breakfast each day – fresh pastries, fruit, juice and more. It’s the best way to get started at the Rule Symposium.
  • Rejuvenating Coffee and Snack Breaks: These will be jam-packed days. But don’t worry. We’ve made sure to balance it all out with the caffeine and snack breaks you need to refresh. This is a great time to chat with some new friends or get to know our exhibitors. Don’t forget to sign up for their free hosted lunches to learn more about the opportunities they provide!
  • Full Access to Our Online Livestream and Archives: If for some reason you have to miss a presentation, or simply want to replay a favorite, you’ll love our Rule Symposium Livestream program*. It will give you on-demand access to our entire event through December 31, 2023. Better yet, the platform will open two weeks prior to the start of the Symposium so that you can watch exclusive interviews with some of the industry’s leading CEOs in advance! *Also available for individual purchase for those who cannot attend in person.
  • Access to our Exclusive Event App – All in the Loop: This year we’re adding a new benefit we’re sure you’re going to love – an app you can use on your phone or computer to check out all of our event highlights! Better yet, this app will be available two weeks prior to kick off so you can preview all speakers and sponsors, locate the exhibitor booths you’d like to visit, and even set up one-on-one appointments to get to know more about each opportunity! And you’ll be able to watch presentations from anywhere!
  • One-on-One meetings – You’ll be able to set up one-on-one meetings during the live event (July 24-27) with any of our sponsors or even other attendees that you may be interested in meeting.
  • All Conference Materials: When you check in, you’ll receive all of your session materials, take-home references and more.
  • OPTIONAL – Sunset Yacht Dinner Cruise: On Monday, July 24th, we will host an exclusive yacht dinner cruise on the beautiful Grand Princess Private Yacht along the Intracoastal Waterway in Florida, where you can mingle with our top speakers and me. Extra Fee: $200 per person. Includes transportation.

“I want to thank you for hosting the Rule Symposium. The resort location and cruise were amazing. It was a pleasure chatting with Rick on the yacht and learning more about his history and many life lessons. I enjoyed every aspect of the conference.”

As you can see, we’ve pulled out all the stops to provide you with as much value as possible.

And you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the cost of registration.

Event Fees & Registration

  • Regular Registration Fee: $599
    (Available until June 30, 2023)
  • Late Registration Fee: $699
    (Available until July 23, 2023)
  • Social Guest: $299
    (includes exclusive registration desk, butler service, and continental breakfast option) – starting at $415 per night

Of course, we want to ensure as many people as possible have the opportunity to take advantage of this incredible Bull Run in commodities and resources…

And that’s why we’ve decided to also offer an On-Demand Livestream Only option for those who are unable to join us in person.

Your On-Demand Livestream Registration

While we would love to see all of our readers in person for the Rule Symposium in July, we understand for some of you, that won’t be possible.

That’s why we’ve created a way for you to attend this event… from the comfort of your home!

Just to be clear…

This will NOT be your typical online event.

We’ve gone out of our way to make sure it’s better than any other virtual event you may have attended in the past.

Our unique platform will not only allow you to be involved in every single minute of the Symposium…

It will also give you the chance to secure access to all the strategies and opportunities our experts plan to share…

And, you’ll have it at the same time as everyone else in the room.

In fact, when you claim your access to our livestream/on-demand event today, you’ll get…

  • Access to More Than a Dozen Presentations, Live and in Real Time: You’ll see every speaker’s presentation… and you’ll hear every critical strategy and opportunity to help you protect yourself and navigate today’s volatile market. Every presentation including all workshops, panels, and fireside chats will be available to view in real time and on-demand through December 31, 2023.
  • Livestream Video On-Demand Archives: You’re busy, we get that. If you can’t attend every presentation as it’s taking place, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. We’ll be storing every presentation from the event online through December 31, 2023. And with a simple click, you can go back and watch anything you missed – or even rewatch your favorite presentations – on your own schedule, at your convenience.
  • Access to our Exclusive Event App – All in the Loop: You can use this on your phone or computer for quick, easy access to any of the featured presentations you don’t want to miss.
  • Access to our Virtual Sponsor Booths – Not only will you get every presentation, but during our four-day event from July 24-27, you’ll also have the chance to chat with our online virtual sponsors at their booths.
  • One-on-One Meetings– You’ll be able to set up one-on-one meetings during the live event (July 24-27) with any of our sponsors or even other attendees who you may be interested in meeting.

Please note: All these benefits are also included for those who are able to join us in person. But if you are only able to join us online, we’re happy to offer you this opportunity at a price we believe you’ll agree is beyond fair…

Event Fees & Registration

  • Livestream Access ONLY$ 249
    (Available until June 30, 2023)
  • Livestream Access ONLY: $299
    (Available after June 30, 2023)

Your Satisfaction… GUARANTEED

Now, we’ve been hosting the Natural Resource Symposium since 2002.

It’s been the most enduring, can’t-miss event on investing in resources and commodities for more than two decades!

And we’re proud of the reputation we’ve built within our industry.

After attending our event for the first time, many of our guests become devoted fans…

Joining us again and again, year after year.

And there’s no doubt that’s due to the overwhelming value they get from our presentations, exhibitors, networking sessions and so much more.

So, if you’ve joined us in the past…

Or whether this is going to be the first Natural Resource Symposium you’ve ever attended…

We’d like to make you a promise.

We’re so confident that you’re going to love our event…

The content… the speakers… and everything in between…

That we’re going to guarantee your satisfaction with a money-back pledge.

If after participating in this year’s Symposium, you feel you haven’t gotten your money’s worth…

Email us at by August 1, 2023… for a full refund (terms and conditions apply).

You see, at the end of the day, the opportunity we’re looking at right now is so impressive, we don’t want anyone to miss it.

So, we are willing to shoulder all of the risk…

To make sure nothing stands between you and your chance of cashing in on the current rally in resources and commodities.

Again, this isn’t just something we’re predicting…

Or a pipedream scenario that’s years off.

It’s happening RIGHT NOW.

Don’t Miss Out on
Your Best Shot at Big Profits in 2023!

As mentioned earlier, commodities are expected to be the hottest sector of 2023…

With some experts predicting a run-up of nearly 50%… THIS YEAR.

That means you still have time to get in and ride this rally to the top…

But friends… it won’t stay that way for long.

And that’s why we urge you to join us in Boca Raton this July 23-27 for the Rule Symposium on Natural Resource Investing

Where you can educate yourself on the top companies set to experience explosive growth in the months and years ahead.

Not only have we lined up the best experts to walk you through the most compelling opportunities…

But we’ve even removed all the risk with our money-back guarantee.

Now it’s up to you.

Simply click the button below to register now for this year’s Rule Symposium on Natural Resource Investing…

And we’ll see you there.


The Rule Symposium Team

For more information simply give us a call right now at 800 926 6575 or 561 243 6276, OR send us an email at